11 Aug 2011

TED talks - SNV selection: international cooperation


= TED. A movement you could say. Here I'd like to share my selection a screening session at SNV Head Office in The Hague.

1. I known Mark Kamau from Nairobits in Kenya - an initiative of Butterfly Works. An open, honest and very smart talk on 'Intelligent engagement'.

Non-profits and Cola Cola -does it make sense to name these two in one sentence? Well, this talk proves it does make sense. And is it about the core of TED: ideas worth spreading.

3. One-of-a-kind innovator and speaker, Hans Rosling, has presented various times at TED as well as for BBC. Want to take it further and try using his software 'Gapminder' for yourself. I particularly like the part where he visualises the qulity of living using the income sliders.

4. A powerful talk about the current knowledge on hunger, labelled in this talk as 'a burden of knowledge' and some promising examples. Picked it for its story-well-told factor and important message. Where there is will..

5. Brave, simply brave. Oh, and smart. Did she use notes at all?

6. Impressive. Again a great story told. The key to TED talks.

What makes a TED talk popular. Check out the hilarious talk: 'Lies, damned lies, and statistics'. To be continued..

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