1 Dec 2011

'Can SharePoint fight poverty?'

Sharepoint: a popular content management system specialised in online document management and collaboration and a system in use at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. In this session I took an open minded look into what the role of Sharepoint could be in fulfilling SNV's mission in poverty alleviation across the world (ok, in 36 countries..).
The session took place during the ' Sharepoint Connections 2010' event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was aimed at taking the (mostly) technical audience along in an out of the box brainstorm. Slides are shared via SlideShare, see below.
So can it? The main conclusion from the brainstorm was related to one of the slides: the Base of the Pyramid. Or to use the Wikipedia definition: Bottom of the Pyramid. Imagine the rich and wealthy at the top of the pyramid and the middle class (a very thin layer too in most developing nations) below and at the bottom the majority of people, the people living in poverty. Someone put it in this terms: "Sharepoint is a solution for the tip of the pyramid; it's licensing model, size and bandwidth requirements all indicate that." An interesting Worldmapper image linked to and ending this story:
[Wealth creation 1975-2002, more info]

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