17 Feb 2012

Data visualisation resources

On the left the 'Types of Information Visualizations' from the book 'Information is Beautiful' by David McCandless. Find your copy here.

Depending on what you want there are many options to build 'infographics' and advanced graphs yourself and collections to explore for inspiration.


>> Many Eyes << Visualisation of complex datasets 

>> Gapminder
<< Complex data
sets with time elements

>> Motion charts
<< Google, similar to Gapminder, works with Google Docs

>> Spotfire
<< If you want something bigger and more expensive. Manage complex data
sets with 7+ dimensions in one interactive graph; colour, shape, surface, direction, etc.
    TED dataviz tip
    Inspiration for Infographics (too many to handle :)

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    Yung Lie said...

    Thanx for the useful tips, Marten!
    I really think that The Joy Of Stats is enhanced by visualisation. Do you know what technique was used for plotting the data in Hans Roslings famous presentation on the development of 200 years/200 countries in this film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo