5 Feb 2012

How to: Get RSS feeds by email

Update 2/sep/2012: Feedburner being phased out?. Check: 'Is to time to let Feedburner burn?'

RSS is great, I think. Mostly theoretical however, in practice I don't check my RSS subscriptions much. Why not link my favorite RSS feeds to my email account, which I do check all the time?

Setting it up was pretty simple (and is hopefully one day a one-button-solution..).

The steps:

1. Copy the url of the feed (click the subscribe to RSS feed and select the url ending in e.g. ../rss.php)
3. Create a new feed (under: 'Burn a feed right this instant')
4. Open the tab 'Publicize' and enable 'E-mail subsciptions'
5. On the same tab, use 'Preview Subscription link..' and enter your e-mail address
6. Confirm the subscription in your inbox and.. done.

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